8 Ways Your Billions of Friends Keep You and Your Gut Healthy!

17 Aug 2022 / Mohit Bhatia

In our digestive system we have billions of friendly creatures who take care of us and keep us healthy. These are known as probiotics and they are live microorganisms made of good bacteria/yeast.

Your body is constantly having a war between good and bad bacteria, and the war tends to go in favor of the bad bacteria especially when you’re sick, having an infection or suffering from any other ailments. This puts your system out of balance and to counteract this it is important to nurture and increase the quantity of good bacteria to maintain neutral balance.

Probiotics can be found in fermented foods and in supplements like our Superhuman probiotic gummies are a great addition towards increasing levels of good bacteria in your system!

Some sources of probiotic foods include: 

Dairy products: such as yogurt, milk, paneer, kefir, and other dairy products.

Fermented foods: like pickled vegetables, kimchi, sauerkraut.

Soy products: like Tofu, tempeh, miso.

Here are some benefits of probiotics and positive effects they have in your body:

1. Balancing good bacteria in your digestive system

Many scientific studies have proven this theory of how the ratio of good and bad bacteria’s balance can have vast effects on our health and illness (1). Inclusion of additional probiotics in your system can help maintain a neutral balance in your gut especially if you’re someone who is suffering or recently had an illness, or due to being on medication such as antibiotics and due to a diet lacking in pre and probiotics (2).

2. Can help treat and prevent different types of diarrhea (Diarrhea, travelers diarrhea, Other types of diarrhea)

Gastrointestinal issues can severely affect the balance of bacteria in your digestive system. Digestive system issues such as various forms of diarrhea like antibiotic-associated diarrhea, travelers diarrhea, and other reasons for diarrhea can happen due to various reasons (3, 4, 5). Probiotics are commonly known for reducing severity of these gut ailments and preventing them. Probiotics not only reduces the duration of infectious diarrhea (6) but also reduces the risk of travelers diarrhea by a significant percentage and cuts down diarrhea associated with antibiotics by almost half! (7).

So if you suffer from gut issues every time you travel then you might be prone to travelers diarrhea. To trust your gut the next time you travel make sure that you start an optimal dosage of probiotic gummies pre, during and post traveling! 

3. Aids in reducing symptoms for other digestive and gastrointestinal disorders

Individuals suffering from certain illnesses such as ulcerative colitis and Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) showed improvements in their symptoms when provided with probiotic supplementation! (8, 9, 10).

 Probiotic supplements have also cut down risk of fatal illnesses in premature infants like severe necrotizing enterocolitis by 50% according to a study (11).

4. Can help with improving your heart health!

Probiotics can help lower bad cholesterol ratio (LDL) and keep your blood pressure in check! (12). They do this by breaking down bile which is a fluid made by your liver and stored in the gallbladder. It is released into your gut to help with digestion as it is mostly made of cholesterol and other fatty acids. Hence, probiotics break down this cholesterol-heavy bile and prevent it from going back into your circulatory blood system thus regulating your cholesterol ratio (13, 14).

5. Probiotic Supplements Improve Some Mental Health Conditions

You might have heard of the term "Your gut is your second brain". This statement is very much true! The enteric nervous system has the same type of nerve cells that are found in your central nervous system! Due to this, the "second brain" has a direct communication with your brain and therefore plays a vital role in illnesses and mental health conditions (15). Scientific literature has also proven links between probiotic supplementation and a direct improvement in certain mental health conditions in both humans and animals (16, 17, 18).

6. Help with reducing severity of allergy and inflammatory skin conditions.

Scientists are still trying to find a strong link between probiotics and how they can reduce allergies and conditions like eczema. Probiotics might reduce inflammatory reactions in individuals allergic to milk and dairy products (19). There are studies which state how babies in the first 2 years of their life had significantly lower risk (83%) of eczema when their mothers were supplementing on probiotics throughout their pregnancy period (20). Another study focusing on delaying eczema in infants saw improvements in symptoms in infants fed probiotic-supplemented milk vs regular non-probiotic milk (21).

7. Can boost your Immune system!

Presently there is active scientific research still being done to provide significant evidence for probiotics and its positive effects on the immune system. So far certain probiotics seem to reduce the risk of UTI in women by 50% while some show reduced likelihood, frequency and duration of respiratory infections in children and adults (22, 23).  However the evidence for adults was not as conclusive as there is more research required to solidify this theory (24). These effects of probiotics on the immune system are due to the fact that probiotics tend to promote production of natural antibodies in your system as well as boost some immune cells like natural killer cells, IgA-producing cells and T lymphocytes (25,26). Due to this probiotics tend to inhibit the growth of bad bacteria and maintain homeostasis in your immune system (27).

8. May help in reducing belly fat and losing weight

While the exact logic behind why probiotics aid weight loss is not clear, there are many methods through which it can help you lose weight (28). Probiotics increase certain hormones in your system such as GLP-1 which in turn can make you feel satiated for longer and may burn more calories (29, 30).

Certain probiotics can limit absorption of dietary fat in the intestine and instead flush it out of your system. There are other studies where people supplementing on probiotic supplements lost more weight compared to their placebo counterparts (31, 32). However, more studies are required to solidify the relationship between probiotics, weight loss and belly fat reduction. 


While probiotics are not a one stop solution for all your ailments, these friendly critters definitely help us become healthier and better. Do try out our Superhuman Trust Your Gut probiotic gummies to see the difference yourself!


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