Super Nutrients for Super Immunity!

24 Aug 2022 / Mohit Bhatia

If you’re from an Indian household then you have been given a dish or a drink made out of ginger, Amla or turmeric at least once especially if you were sick. These household staples are super ingredients which are having many health benefits. 

Ginger is one of the most popular spices in the world. It is a versatile spice and can be seen being used in different forms like powdered, dried, fresh or as an oil or juice. It is also added to cosmetic products thanks to its skin benefits. 

Amla which is also known as Indian gooseberry is known for its small green fruits which are tangy and sour in taste. It is high in vitamin C.

Turmeric is the yellow spice which is used globally for its benefits and taste. Its active ingredient is known as curcumin which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

All of these ingredients are famous for their immunity benefits. If you’re looking to boost your immunity and are looking for a convenient option then Build Your Defense with Superhuman Immunity gummies which are full of ginger, Amla and turmeric! 

Here are the top benefits of these nutrients:

1. Known medicinal properties

There is a long history of use of these spices in medicine. The active ingredient of Ginger spice is known as Gingerol which is mostly responsible for all the medicinal properties. (1, 2). Active ingredients for Amla is vitamin C while for Turmeric is curcumin (3, 4).These ingredients have been used to help fight flu and cold, nausea.

2. Anti sickness and nausea properties

Ginger is known to be highly effective against nausea (5). It can even help in reducing morning sickness during pregnancy (6).

3. Increases antioxidant of the body

Due to their antioxidant rich properties, these ingredients fight free radicals and reduce our body’s oxidative stress. Ingredients like Curcumin can not only reduce the free radical damage but also increase activity of other antioxidants (7).

4. Can improve brain health

Specialized cells of our brain known as neurons are capable of multiplying which can improve your brain health. In animal studies, curcumin has shown to increase brain levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF); a gene that is required for neurons to live and increase in numbers. (8,  9,  10, 11).  Low levels of BDNF are associated with Alzheimer’s, depression and other brain illnesses (12, 13).This can help prevent many age related brain illnesses as well as brain functions like memory, attention and more. Due to such remarkable findings there is a need for more human studies to be conducted(14). 

Animal studies have also shown that ginger can reduce inflammatory responses that occur in the brain as well as reduce age related brain concerns (15, 16, 17, 18). Human studies with supplementation of ginger extracts have shown to improve certain aspects of brain function such as working memory and reaction time!  (19).

5. Aids heart health

Cardiovascular diseases tend to be the leading causes of death globally. These 3 powerful ingredients have shown promise in this area of concern as they can improve several aspects of heart health. Studies in diabetic patients have shown that ginger reduces certain chemical components which are produced due to oxidative stress; something that contributes towards increased heart disease risk (20).

Curcumin can improve functioning of the lining of your blood vessels known as endothelium. A dysfunction of this lining is a major factor towards increased heart illnesses. Curcumin can not only improve heart health but also may reverse steps in the heart disease process (21, 22, 23, 24). Curcumin also leads to decreased risk of heart attack in patients by 65% when supplemented with it post their coronary artery bypass surgery (25).

In a study, researchers found that those who consumed amla extracts  had a 39% reduced risk of excess cholesterol buildup in arteries (26). Amla has shown to improve several factors responsible for heart illnesses in obese and overweight individuals leading to reduction in cholesterol and inflammation as well (27). Certain studies have shown reduction in blood pressure when participants were supplemented with amla extracts. Rise in blood pressure is another leading factor for increased heart ailments.(28, 29).


These potent ingredients have many benefits leading to better immunity as well as benefits in other areas of health. If you would like to get these benefits to Build Your Defence then do try out our Superhuman Immunity gummies!


For references, please click here!

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