Our story

Founded by Arjun and Kedar, Superhuman came to life from a need to itch their own scratch. When out in the market looking for good-quality and affordable supplements, Kedar realised that there was a clear need-gap. There were quite a few choices available, but there was no source where he could educate himself on the area of concern, understand the root cause, and identify a product that could address his problem.

Arjun, having experience in the medical field, was still unable to find a trusted and professional brand that addressed other similar health concerns. Together, this led them to launch Superhuman. Apart from creating the best quality products possible, they want to educate the customers to help them become their best version; to become Superhumans.

At the core of it we are a wellness company backed by science. Our journey begins today with vitamins that address niche problems and we aim to couple this with strong education to our dear customers. However, our strategic vision is to keep this core but expand our offering and offer our end customers the most personalized and efficient experience possible.

All things super for all you Super Humans - All things super for all you Super Humans

All things super for all you Super Humans - All things super for all you Super Humans

All things super for all you Super Humans - All things super for all you Super Humans

Quality First

  • 01

    Science backed formulations

  • 02

    Great tasting and easy to take

  • 03

    Natural ingredients and vitamins

  • 04

    Straightforward education process

Our Super leaders





Mohit Bhatia

Chief of Product and Nutrition

Neeraja Sundar

Head of Marketing and Engagement

Made with love by the world’s best.

Our products are developed by our in-house nutritional experts and in conjunction with our medical advisory board which includes doctors from a diverse set of specialities

Our Advisory Board

MBBS, MD - Internal Medicine

Dr. Aditya Reddy

Dr. Reddy is a young and up and coming doctor with deep experience in internal medicine. As an avid fitness fan himself he is both a user and prescriber of our products.

MBBS, MD - Pediatrics

Dr. Sachitra Rathod

Dr. Rathod brings a wide set of clinical experience to the table in both pediatrics and general medicine. She advises on products for kids and also brings a broader set of expertise in Allergy, Asthma and Clinical Immunology.

MBBS, MD - Radiology

Dr. Vivek Keesara

Dr. Keesara is one of the leading doctor in south India with multiple hospitals, eye clinics, and diagnostic centers. He brings with him the latest on the ground knowledge from both patients and practitioners.


Mr. Mohit Bhatia

Mohit is an internationally qualified nutritionist with 8+ years of experience. An advocate for health & fitness, he has provided guidance to people from all walks of life dealing with various health conditions and has helped them towards reaching their true potential with his intervention.