Productivity Super Stack

Productivity Super Stack

Productivity Super Stack
Productivity Super Stack
Productivity Super Stack
Productivity Super Stack

Productivity Super Stack

More energy during the day, good sleep at night  & protection against screen time.


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Working Superstars, We’ve got you covered

Working Superstars, We’ve got you covered

Working Superstars, We’ve got you covered

Who is this for?

Looking for more energy

Looking to get good sleep in a stressful environment

Looking to protect against significant screen time

Looking to compensate for a lack of sunlight

Dosage & Benefits

day 1

Start Treatment

Start treatment by taking 1 sleep gummy per day and 2 gummies per day of other products. Follow a balanced diet, exercise routine, and proper hydration. Sleep gummies will have an immediate impact from the first night (you will notice that you will fall asleep faster!)

day 30

Better energy

Start to notice a consistent boost in energy, mood, and alertness.

day 60

Less eye concerns

Start to notice overall eye health improvement

day 60

Boosted immunity

Vitamin D levels should noticeably increase

Key Ingredients


Helps with the timing of your circadian rhythms

Chamomile extract

Calms the mind to help you get better sleep

Valerian root extract

Contains sleep enhancing properties


Helps reduce anxiety


Amino acid that helps promote good quality sleep


Helps the body fall asleep faster

Vitamin A

Enhances better vision and prevents cataracts


High antioxident capacity, helps fight free radicals


Omega-3 fatty acid that helps preserve your vision

Vitamin C

Helps create the collagen that provides the structure to your eyes

Vitamin E

Antioxidant that protects your eye cells.

Lutein 20%

Carotenoid with anti-inflammatory properties that help protect the eyes

Astaxanthin 2%

Works with other carotenoids to help protect the eyes

Zeaxanthin 10%

Helps protect the eyes from blue light

Vitamin D3

Fat-soluble vitamin that helps your body absorb calcium and phosphorus supporting bothbones and immune function

Vitamin B12

Helps form red blood cells and produces cellular energy

Frequently Asked Questions

01. Is the sleep gummy addictive or habit-forming?

No! Melatonin is safe for long term use and is not addictive unlike other sleep medications

02. How should I build the sleep gummies into my routine?

Have 1 sleep gummy just before bedtime ideally.

03. How should I take this product?

For Melatonin it's 1 gummy per day. Melatonin can either start working immediately or within 30 mins post consuming it. You can have a gummy just before bedtime or 30 mins prior! For Eye Care and D3 & B12 gummies it's two gummies per day of each product for adults. Have it in the start of your day or later if not possible! Can have it with or without meals!

04. I don't wear glasses/ contacts, how do these gummies help?

These gummies help by providing nutrients essential for eye health. Whether you have a prescription or not, certain specific nutrients are still important for your eye health!

05. Will this help with photo fatigue? I spend a lot of time in before of the screen.

A supplement can help take care of any deficiencies in your diet, but a complete holistic action plan is a necessity to address the lifestyle based concerns and improve your overall health! Please check your email post purchase as it will provide you with additional steps that you can take to improve your eye health!

06. Can Kids have gummies from this bundle?

Kid can only have 1 gummy per day of Eye care gummy only. Avoid the sleep and D3 & B12 gummy please.

07. What are the ingredients in Eye care gummies?

Main ingredients are Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Astaxanthin & DHA

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Reneta K
Good Combo

Wfh has made me very busy and have no time to sleep. These gummies helped me with sticking to a proper routine as advised by my doctor

Way forward towards holistic health

I struggled a lot during COVID, to get all the essential vital nutrients which I required from my body. Then I found these stacks to comprise all the essntials I was lookin for. Thank you Superhuman

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