Resting Sleep Gummies

Resting Sleep Gummies

Resting Sleep Gummies
Resting Sleep Gummies
Resting Sleep Gummies
Resting Sleep Gummies
Resting Sleep Gummies
Resting Sleep Gummies
Resting Sleep Gummies
Resting Sleep Gummies
Resting Sleep Gummies
Resting Sleep Gummies

Resting Sleep Gummies

Helps improve sleep quality, sleep quantity  & reduces time taken to fall asleep!


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sweet dreams ahead

sweet dreams ahead

sweet dreams ahead

Who is this for?

Looking to fall asleep faster

Looking for better quality sleep

Looking to overcome jetlag

Looking to maintain sleep cycle

Dosage & Benefits

day 1

Reduces sleep time

Have a gummy 30 mins prior to sleeping. Sleep gummies will have an immediate impact from the first night you take them (you will notice that you will fall asleep faster!)

day 15

Enhances sleep quality

Start to notice a consistent improvement in quality of sleep and time taken to fall asleep which will result in a boost in energy, mood, and alertness throughout the day.

day 30

Reduces jet lag

Improvement in sleep hygiene and almost on verge of turning this habit into a healthy lifestyle.

day 60

Maintains sleep cycle

Continue treatment to maintain quality of sleep and experience benefits such as increased immunity, energy, eye health, lower stress levels and overall well being.

Key Ingredients



Helps with the timing of your circadian rhythms

Chamomile extract

Calms the mind to help you get better sleep

Valerian root extract

Contains sleep enhancing properties


Helps reduce anxiety


Amino acid that helps promote good quality sleep

Ashwagandha extract

Helps the body fall asleep faster

Frequently Asked Questions

01. Are there any side effects to taking melatonin?

The gummies when taken in the recommended dosage will not cause any side effects!

02. Is the sleep gummy addictive or habit-forming?

No! Melatonin is safe for long term use and is not addictive unlike other sleep medications.

03. Will sleep gummies help me fall asleep quicker?

Sleep gummy can help improve overall quality of sleep as well as time taken to fall asleep!

04. How much melatonin is in the gummies?

There is 6mg of melatonin per gummy.

05. How should I build the sleep gummies into my routine?

Have the sleep gummy a few hours before your bedtime ideally.

06. How should I take this product?

Melatonin can either start working immediately or within 30 mins post consuming it. You can have a gummy just before bedtime or 30 mins prior!

07. How do I know if the product is working?

You will notice the apparent changes in your lifestyle as mentioned in the timeline section sent to you on your email!

08. What else can I do to improve my sleep?

A supplement can help take care of any deficiencies in your diet, but a complete holistic action plan is a necessity to address the lifestyle based concerns and improve your overall health! Please have a look at the email as it will provide you with additional steps that you can take to improve your sleep!

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Gurman Bhatia

Resting Sleep Gummies

maninder singh

nice product it


Resting Sleep Gummies

worked very well for me

Very effective for me, I was suffering from insomnia . Superhuman gummies are very effective

I can sleep very quickly

I just love the fact its a tasty way of falling asleep , I can sleep almost instantly after taking the sleep gummy.

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